My name is Kit.

I’m opening a can of worms.

From superheroes to the supernatural, from conspiracy theories to social issues, I channel my thoughts into stories that sit with you long after they’re over.


The Faction (Book Series)

Something’s wrong with this timeline. You can sense it. Things are worse than they should be. The people in power know it, too. And they’re watching you.

A global conspiracy threatens to swallow a planet, and the future is in the hands of five trauma survivors with extraordinary abilities.

The detective. The scientist. The huntress. The soldier. The spy.

Will they prevail, or will they be the first to be consumed?

Troubled Youth (Podcast)

A boy blindly attempts to escape the bottom of the ocean. A girl has a conversation with a ventriloquist’s dummy in her bedroom. A family discovers that, sometimes, other drivers aren’t the most dangerous thing on the road.

In Troubled Youth, children face their greatest fears, one tale at a time. Written by author Kit Hanson and narrated by musician Leah Cook, each story will pull you into a surreal world that reminds you of the things that used to keep you up at night.

The World’s Revolution (Anthology)

The world is in a crisis. The seas are rising, the forests are burning, and the air is quickly becoming unbreathable.

The planet, though, is fighting back. All across the globe, people are being born with the power to defend nature. Will they use their abilities to save the planet, or to further doom it?

The World’s Revolution is an upcoming anthology written by Chris Tavenor, Sarah MacReady, and Kit Hanson, along with many others. Together, they weave together a series of tales that take the reality of climate change to its very extremes.