My name is Kit.

Let’s go on a journey.

From superheroes to the supernatural, from conspiracy theories to social issues, I channel my experiences and fantasies into stories that sit with you long after they’re over. Follow me for a world of adventure.

The Faction, Book 1: Recruitment

A global conspiracy threatens to swallow a planet, and the future is in the hands of five trauma survivors with extraordinary abilities. Will they prevail, or will they be the first to be consumed?
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The Faction, Book 2: Refinement

The Treehouse team seeks help from the other Faction cells as they come into conflict with psychics, serpents, and scientific anomalies.
Coming Sept. 2021.

The Faction, Book 3: Retaliation

After a mysterious stranger reveals the enemy’s secrets, the Faction bands together for a final resistance against Society.
Coming Oct. 2021.

An Interconnected Anthology, Pt. 1: Troubled Youth

Sucked into a dimension beneath an escalator. Awoken by a talking doll. Stalked by a creature that scavenges car accidents. Welcome to Troubled Youth, where children face their greatest fears, one tale at a time. Crafted as an interconnected anthology, each story will pull you into a surreal world that reminds you of the things that used to keep you up at night.
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An Interconnected Anthology, Pt. 2: Public Servants

Mutant criminals lurk in the streets while militant superheroes fly above skyscrapers, but hey, the price of milk has never been cheaper! Listen to the citizens of New General City as they share their perspectives of a gritty world that’s far from a comic book.
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This message is a cry for help.
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Gaia Awakens

The planet fights back against its own demise in this upcoming anthology written by Chris Tavenor, Sarah MacReady, and Kit Hanson, along with many others. Together, they weave a series of tales that take the reality of climate change to its very extremes.
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Under the Round Table

What if Joan of Arc wasn’t executed, the medieval knights never stopped fighting, and Johannes Gutenberg’s brilliant mind was used to hunt monsters? Follow this supernatural adventure, featuring a colorful re-imagining of 15th-century Europe.
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Romanian. Siberian. Brazilian. In this world, werewolves are classified and categorized, the different species in a constant, hidden war with one another. Lupe, an average high schooler in Mexico City, is about to get a crash course in werewolf history when he becomes symbiotically bonded to a cub named Tuft.
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