My name is Kit.

Let’s open a can of worms.

From superheroes to the supernatural, from conspiracy theories to social issues, I channel my thoughts into stories that sit with you long after they’re over.
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The Faction

Book 1 — Recruitment:
A global conspiracy threatens to swallow a planet, and the future is in the hands of five trauma survivors with extraordinary abilities. Will they prevail, or will they be the first to be consumed?

Book 2 — Refinement:
Reeling from tragedy, the Treehouse team seeks out help from their neighboring cells . . . but not all those with power intend to use it for good.

Book 3 — Retaliation:
A stranger from an unexpected place appears and offers to help. Will he be enough to end the battle against Society, once and for all?

The World’s Revolution

Gaia Awakens:
The planet fights back against its own demise in this anthology crafted by Chris Tavenor, Sarah MacReady, and Kit Hanson, along with many others. Together, they weave a series of tales that take the reality of climate change to its very extremes.

Tales from Between Gaps

Phase I — Troubled Youth:
From dolls to demons, from spiders to mirrors, eight children are about to discover their greatest fears. Whether they survive them… well, that may just be a different story.

Phase II — The Underneath:
A world not unlike our own, though the terrors within wear far different faces. Can one lost girl make her way through it and find her way back home?

Phase III — Annelisse:
In the streets of France, a young detective with a unique ability discovers a supernatural threat plaguing her community.

Phase IV — Khufu’s Tale:
Throughout history, one man continually appears. Is he the key to the future, or a plague upon the present?

Phase V — Beginning of the End:
In space, under the ocean, and beyond our dimension, three children depart on an adventure into the heart of terror.

Phase VI — Welcome to New General City:
In the past, children face their worst terrors. In the future, a city on the brink of disaster is policed by a super-powered force. Can an unlikely band of heroes bridge the divide between two eras to build a better world?

Phase VII — Family Values:
A seasoned investigator helps track down some of the future’s greatest threats, but her biggest challenges lie within her own family.

Phase VIII — Network Neutrality:
A hero reaches a breaking point and incites an uprising. Is the city better off under his rule?

Phase IX — Border Patrol:
A traveler from another world comes to a city of superheroes for help fighting an interdimensional evil.

Phase X — Thanks for Visiting:
The last century has come to this, a conflict between friends and foes. When the ashes settle, will anyone be alive to tell their story?